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e-Xtend your customer reach Add an online extension to your existing customer service and quickly expand your service & support capabilities
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Do you want to make your existing Website more PROFITABLE ?

Let’s e-Xtend your Customer Service

Our service expansion kit is a very unique service, designed to e-nable your business, and quickly e-xpand your customer service and support capabilities by adding an Internet-based helpdesk & support channel. Gone the days where this had to be a complex IT / Technical project that needed a full-time IT team in order to implement and maintain it.

This service includes , installation and customer service / online process development ( Tickets process, tickets stages: Open, Closed, on hold, reopened etc…, problem or issue /request escalation process, follow-up process , resolution process, defining priority, reporting / performance management, skill-set, setting the knowledge base, the answers , canned answers, coaching and training for staff – setting the customer’s process and interface – linking with e-mails and auto replies. )

Why do it?

  • Your customers will love you for it!
  • It will add equity to your brand
  • It will portray your company as a company that cares more about its customers
  • Online customer service is more efficient and much faster and cheaper than other service channels like the call center or face-to-face customer service, although it can complement them and integrate with them too for an even more superior service for your customers.

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Get your Professional Website review & optimization report now

The service:

We offer our clients a unique review and web optimization service for their overall online presence (website, blog, online customer service and social media presence …)

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What you’ll get:

  • Our experienced web consultants will run an extensive review/assessment of your online presence and produce a comprehensive report
  • We will deliver one detailed report per citing the current state of your website sections or components, and explaining how you can optimize each of them (with minimum to moderate effort and cost) in order to achieve maximum benefits for your business.
  • The report will give you clear and easy to follow, specific points & instructions on what needs to be changed or improved in order to have a more beneficial and profitable overall online presence.
  • And much more

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*The review will be conducted on either your English or your Arabic website – as per your choice – but the reports that you will get are written in English language, however if the service was done for your Arabic website you’ll get some Arabic explanations as well as references / excerpts from the Arabic content of your site and other sites as needed. The reviews will be carried out by our bi-lingual experts, they will NOT be a translated version of any kind, you will only get quality first-hand reviews and reports. We assure you of quality or your money back!

dynamicQRsignupOur service allows you to generate a QR code, set it to redirect to a certain url (website), and it gives you the ability to change that url later on, without the need to change the QR code itself. Making it a dynamic QR code 🙂

This saves you a lot of effort, hassle (and money too) as you would have already printed that QR code on your material (cards, roll-ups, ads, posters, stickers etc…)
Without the dynamic QR code service, your QR code would be fixed, so in case of any change, you would be forced to generate and use a new QR code, throwing away all your printed material and printing the new code instead!

The Dynamic QR code is very handy for things like: weekly menus, weekly specials, marketing events, exhibitions, limited-time discount offers, competitions, directing visitors to a specific page, post, image on your website or on your Facebook page etc… , the same printed QR code can be used and recycled a Thousand times the sky’s the limit!
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Mobile Marketing, Social Media & e-Business Experts


In today’s world, no one can deny that the Internet is an important sales and marketing channel — and for many businesses, it’s the most important one. The Internet changes the way we do business as well as how we interact, share, learn and get things done. In fact, it has changed almost every aspect of our modern lives.

Is your business taking full advantage of what a professional online presence can do for you? ViaWeb, proudly based in the UAE and serving clients around the world, specializes in enabling small business owners like you to effectively do business online.

As the web has evolved, it has become more accessible. These improvements allow small businesses to compete with larger ones on an even playing field and benefit from a professional online presence at a very reasonable cost that provides an excellent return on investment.

Being a small business ourselves, we fully understand this environment and its challenges. We understand the necessity of increasing brand equity, elevating customer service and enhancing loyalty to encourage repeat customers. The web is the perfect platform on which to make that happen, whether you have an online store or an offline bricks-and-mortar business.

We aim to equip our clients with the tools and know-how they need to optimize and profit from their online presence across a variety of online channels, including a business website, a promotional blog, social media, mobile marketing and more. Just as importantly, we aim to do this at a reasonable rate, providing exceptional value for the money spent.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your e-business activities, including Internet marketing, digital reputation management, responsive mobile website design, creation of business blogs, website design with WordPress, Short video production for YouTube, social media branding, online presence setup and project management, web-based customer service and support, website analysis… and much more.

Let us take charge of your online presence.

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